Natural remedies are great but can’t always provide the back pain relief you need! That’s where Ketamine comes in. Read more about this miracle drug today!

We all love to welcome spring by taking advantage of the weather it brings! As the sun gives us more shine, it seems harder and harder to sit inside staying still. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, those who suffer from chronic back pain might be realizing that even though the sun is shining, the grass is growing, and you want to feel the sand between your toes, this increase in spring activities may be causing your back pain to be more and more prominent.

Instead of accepting a black cloud during what should be your springtime fun, let’s talk about how to relieve your pain!

What Are Some Ways to Relieve that Pain Naturally?

While many need the help of a specialist to find relief for their chronic pain, there are some great natural tools you can utilize in the comfort of your own home to relieve your back pain!

The first is, to get into the routine of a great stretching session every day. Stretching is great because it helps relax your muscles and reduce the tension in your back. The tenser you are, the more you will feel aches and pains.

Not only does stretching help with tension, but it is also a great tool to strengthen your back muscles as well! When you have weak back muscles, you not only experience back pain because of it, but it can cause it to be a recurring pain as well.

The next great option you can easily adapt is eating a healthy diet! We all have heard the saying “You are what you eat”, well this truly does ring true! There are certain foods that are known to increase inflammation and help decrease it. When you eat a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods, you have a higher likelihood of suffering from back pain. In fact, according to this study by the National Library of Medicine, you have a 42% higher chance of experiencing back pain when you ate a heavily pro-inflammation diet.

Not only is diet directly linked to back pain, but an unhealthy is also a cause of obesity. Obesity can cause your stance and the way distribute weight to be out of alignment, therefore causing back pain.

What’s the next step in Finding Relief From Your Back Pain?

So, what do you do if those at-home methods don’t work? If treating your back pain at home is not bringing you relief, your next step may be ketamine therapy!

Ketamine therapy has a very low side effect risk, especially compared to the route patients used to take, which was pain medicine, and opioids. Pain management through medication can also take days, weeks, and even months to feel the results you want. When you undergo infusion therapy, the ketamine targets the receptors in your brain that tells your body to feel pain, it’s able to “numb” those, and leave you in a euphoric state of mind.

You will receive your therapy through a slow drip IV and feel the long-lasting effects as soon as it hits your bloodstream! Many patients report a significant difference in their pain after only one session. If you have tried the at-home natural route, and are ready for immediate relief from your pain, it’s time to call Progressive Pain & Interventional Psychiatry. Give us a call at (214) 826-8000 and tell our specialist you’re ready for your pain-free life!