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seasonal depression

3 Causes of Seasonal Depression and How Ketamine Infusions Can Help

By Editorial Team

The end of the year is nearing. And while we don’t have the freezing temperatures of many of our friends up north in the fall and winter, we can definitely still tell that the seasons have changed.  Maybe the change of seasons for you are the sports, or the warm beverages, or the thought of…

Joint Pain Treatment for Text Neck Chronic Neck Pain

By Editorial Team

How often do you spend looking at some sort of screen? If you are reading this blog, you are doing it right now, and chances are you are putting strain on the muscles and other tissue structures of the cervical spine. And that strain you are putting on your cervical spine is known as text…

Woman experiencing neck pain.

Infusion Treatments: Dallas Neck Pain Relief Experts Tell All 

By Editorial Team

Neck Pain is uncomfortable! Experiencing neck pain can be very uncomfortable. But, when you think about it, your neck has a significant and demanding job. In fact, your head is the weight of a bowling ball, and your neck is in charge of keeping it upright all day long along.  If you are experiencing pain,…

What is Ketamine Treatment for Depression?

By Editorial Team

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. It affects more than 16.1 million American adults or about 6.7% of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.  Depression can affect so many aspects of your life. Everything from your social life, your everyday tasks, to…

Easy Exercises for Dallas Sciatic Pain Relief

By Editorial Team

Have you ever had low back pain that radiates down your leg? It may be Sciatica. Most people have heard of this type of back pain before because it affects almost 40% of people in their lifetime. Sciatic pain can be an excruciating and debilitating thing to experience, so we often see patients in the office…

Routine Changes

By Editorial Team

Back to School: How to Stay Healthy with Chronic Pain (Even During Routine Changes)  It’s essential you stay healthy with chronic pain, even during routine changes. The changing of the seasons and the beginning of a new school year brings with it a considerable amount of changes in your daily routine. With more time spent…

Untreated Sports Injuries

By Editorial Team

What happens when sports injuries in Dallas, TX go left untreated? Injury is an inevitable part of life. While some are comfortable reaching out for treatment, others may be more reluctant to seek help. Sports injuries especially can easily be overlooked as you may want to “push through” the pain. Others may not want to…

ketamine infusion therapy

Conditions Treated by Ketamine Infusion Therapy & Injections

By Editorial Team

Overview of Ketamine Infusion Therapy Let’s talk about the history of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Ketamine is a medication that has been prescribed since the 1960s – primarily used then mainly for children’s surgery and emergency pain control during the Vietnam War as an anesthetic or sedative.  Over the last fifteen years, research shows that small doses…

chronic back pain in dallas, tx

How to Avoid Back Pain in Dallas While Grilling Out

By Editorial Team

There’s nothing like spending a beautiful summer day with friends and family in Dallas, Texas. Enjoying the sunshine, chowing on delicious food, and partaking in yard games create memories that are cherished forever. Simple pleasures like these, however, can also induce particular challenges if you struggle with chronic back pain, especially if you’re prepping food…

Sports Injuries in Dallas, TX

What are the Most Common Types of Sports Injuries in Dallas, TX?

By Editorial Team

Due to high drive, determination and dedication, we commonly see mid-aged athletes often scheduling visits for sports-related pain. But, unfortunately, as they push boundaries as they once did, the body cannot keep up and rebuild as it once did, increasing the chance of harm. So, after a long week spinning in an office chair, sinking…


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